The Grocery Store Unit Activities

The grocery store unit is a fun learning opportunity for all ages of children from infant through older school aged children. It is also a fun teaching tool, as you can teach any subject that you wish through this particular theme.

This particular plan has been created with school aged children in mind, so a few of the activities would not be appropriate to expect preschoolers to tackle as they are written. However, they can easily be altered to provide a similar experience at their own level.

If you are a home child care provider and wish to include your infants or young toddlers in the same theme, simply focus on the aspect of fruits and vegetables, colors, shapes, and tastes. You can also talk about going on a trip to the store with Mom and Dad. Older toddlers will enjoy acting out a trip to the store by driving around a shopping cart with a doll in the seat, and "buying" groceries.

Two and three year old children can extend the experience a bit more by creating their own store in the classroom. You can help them create one in a large cardboard box or by removing some toys from the toy shelves and adding food cans, plastic bottles, and boxes in their place. Then arrange the toy shelves in a special area of the classroom to create the store. (This also provides you an excellent time to switch out toys.)

Grocery Unit Lesson Plan



> Stem> Leaf> Crop> Root> Seed> Fruit> Store> Market> Flower> Grocery > Storage> Produce> Transport> Shipping> Orchard> Vegetable> Harvest> Coupon> Weight> Volume> Recipe> Measure > Pollinate > Percentage

Coupon clipping* Scissors* Grocery flyers* Magazines

Shopping lists* Paper* Pencils* Scissors* Food magazines

Packaged food ingredients lists


Word Search Games

4 word search games


Maze #1 Maze #2 Maze #3 Maze #4

See the following pages for the specific directions for the additional activities that are listed on the lesson plan.

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