Grocery outdoor activities include many gross motor games.


Fruit Basket Upset* Each child is on a designated spot in a circle, with one child in the center* The child in the center is “it”* Count off the children with names of fruits (more than one child per fruit)* The child that is “it” calls out names of a fruit* The children that are that fruit must run to a different spot in the circle while the child that is “it” tries to take their place first* If “fruit basket upset” is called, every child must run to a new spot * Whoever is left without a spot becomes “it” and play continues

Hot potato

* Pass an object around the circle while chanting:* Hot potato, hot potato! Who has the hot potato? If you have the hot potato, you are out!* Play continues until only one child is left. That child is either the winner or the one that is “it” first in another game

Grocery store tag

* To keep from being tagged, you must squat down and say the mane of a grocery store* If you are tagged before you can think of a store, you become “it”

Vegetable tag

* Same as Grocery Store Tag, but with vegetables

Fruit/vegetable charades

* Act out the life of a fruit or vegetable for others to guess

Fruit/vegetable guessing

* Put a picture of a fruit or vegetable on each child’s back* The children ask others questions until they guess what their fruit or vegetable is

To find more outdoor gross motor games that will fit in with your grocery unit, adapt game titles and components to include grocery related items such as these.

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