Pre-reading games make learning to read easy and fun!

Children learn through play, and learning to read is no different. Pre-reading games inherently challenge and reward the children playing them. If you make the drills fun, no one notices how much work they are doing!

I have created many games to assist children with the basic skills needed to learn to read. Beginning with capital letter recognition, through lower case letter recognition, to sound representation, and even sight words, if it is a pre-reading skill, I have created a game for it.

Some are simple board games and card games, while others are gross motor games designed to help kinesthetic learners succeed.

My games have been so successful, that children begged to play them, and parents willingly paid extra fees for their children to participate in my "reading clubs"!

They are very easy to replicate in your preschool or kindergarten classroom, and can be played by small groups of children with one facilitator. The facilitator can be the teacher, a volunteer, a parent or an older child. I have seen some "self-checking" games for children to play independently, but most of my games need someone to provide the feedback to the children as they are playing.

The materials for all of the games are very minimal, and once created, can be used in many variations, depending on the skill being taught.

Your basic supplies include:

* sidewalk chalk

* washable markers

* light color or white plastic sheet (like a shower curtain)

* paper/card stock

* inflatable beach ball

* dice and playing pieces (pawns or other small objects)

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