Free Lesson Plans

There are many different styles of lesson plans to consider prior to actually building your first one. When you first choose your template, you need to think about how it will be used and who will see it?

* Do you need separate plans for each lesson?

* Do you need to connect objectives and state standards?

* Do you do daily plans in full detail?

* Do you use weekly plans to post for the parents?

* Do you post bi-weekly, keeping the details separate?

Click on the link below to see some of your options:

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Once you have chosen the appropriate template for your needs, you can begin to build the actual plan. I find it easiest to decide on a theme for the week, month or whatever length of time that works best for you and the children in your class.

For the most part, I use the templates for 1 - 2 week blocks of time. I have not connected the individual lessons back to the standards, although you may need to do that. In the rest of the pages following, there are quite a few topics to choose.

Most of these were created for before and after school programs. They can easily be adapted, however, for other age groups. Feel free to adjust them to more effectively meet your needs.

Click on a link for the individual plans to download and print:

Grocery Unit Lesson Plan

Under the individual themes below, you will find the links to download everything that you will need to implement the entire unit, including, for example:

* overall directions,

* activities,

* games,

* shopping lists, etc.

Grocery Store Unit

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