Lesson Plan Templates to make your planning easier

There are many different styles of lesson plan templates to consider prior to actually building your first one. When you first choose your template, you need to think about how it will be used and who will see it?

* Do you need separate plans for each lesson?

* Do you need to connect objectives and state standards?

* Do you do daily plans in full detail?

* Do you use weekly plans to post for the parents?

* Do you post bi-weekly, keeping the details separate?

If you need to detail the logic behind why you are teaching each lesson, you will want to start with one of these templates:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

If you are using this lesson plan template to post for parents to see the thematic activities that you are doing with your class each week, then you will choose one of these:

Weekly Option 1

Weekly Option 2

Quite often in a child care setting, there is no need to explain the specific logic behind your activities. It is good practice, however, to actually complete one of the individual lesson plan options every now and then. Not only does it give you focus regarding the rationale behind your lesson plans, but it keeps you thinking of the why so that you are prepared to answer that question when asked.

Sometimes, the primary reason for the lesson is to keep the children engaged and happy. But since we know that children learn through play, ask yourself what they are learning while doing a particular activity.

A large part of professionalism in the child care business comes from a teacher that really knows how to explain to parents how important a specific activity is to the development of their child.

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