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Are you are at a loss for new articles to include in your newsletter? Have you run out of time to write one of your own? Are you tired of the same old topics? Do you dread writing one more staff training piece?

Please, let me help you! After so many years as an early childhood educator working in a childcare center, I have some very strong opinions about the importance of our profession, and I love to share them! In addition, I have spent the past three years writing newsletters and using other mass communication strategies to keep a large group of child care professionals informed about current early childhood and childcare issues.

(For additional information, Early Childhood Info provides a professional full and comprehensive early childhood site featuring information and resources for use with children.)

The following pages are made up of a collection of writings that can be used in your staff and/or parent newsletters. In addition to the editorial pieces, there are some items that can be used in parenting classes or staff training. In all cases, I hope that you will find them to be informative and easy to read.

Some of the topics include:

* I am NOT a Babysitter!

* Creating an Infant/Toddler Curriculum

* Learning to Talk

* Infant/Toddler Guidance Strategies

* Baby's First Step

* Respectful Interactions with Young Children

* Understanding and Responding to a Child's Misbehavior

If you are a child care provider or center director, I am granting you permission to reproduce any of these pieces for the express purpose of informing the staff and parents in your program concerning early childhood issues. All that I ask in return is that you include the copyright information found at the bottom of each page.

Do you have an opinion about a child care topic?

What child care issues concern you the most? Write an article about it!

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