Grocery art activities to be used with the grocery store unit

There are many grocery art activities that you can incorporate into this lesson plan. Essentially anything that is food related, whether content or media, can be part of this unit. I have focused on fruits and vegetables, but feel free to use any other focus that relates.


Seed packet art

* Seal a 4” x 9 ½” (business size) envelope* Cut in half to make 2 pieces 4” x 4 ¾ “* Decorate both sides of “seed packet”Fruit orchard/fruit market water color paintings

Fruit prints

* Cut fruits in half and allow to dry slightly (overnight)* Dip fruit halves in paint or ink and print on paper

Potato prints

* Cut potato in half* On the cut side, draw a shape or design* Cut away unneeded parts to expose the completed shape or design* Dry with a paper towel* Dip into paint and print onto paper

Clay fruit

* Create fruit sculptures with clay * As an extension – use marzipan instead of clay

Fruit art collage

* Collect pictures of various fruits and arrange on a sheet of paper* Secure with glue

Decorating boxes with pictures of fruit – decoupage

* Choose papier mache boxes with lids in various shapes* Glue pictures of fruit around the outside of the box* Seal with a mixture of water and Elmer’s glue or decoupage paste * Allow to dry

Fruit basket weaving

* Weave ribbon through fruit baskets* If only clamshell containers are available, separate the top from the bottom and cut slits vertically around all sides of both pieces.* Weave ribbon through the slits in the clamshell half

Pumpkin/watermelon carving

Vegetable carving

* Use a firm but soft vegetable like young squash or zucchini and carve with plastic utensils

Garden design pictures

* Cut ideas from garden magazines to make a collage OR* Draw garden pictures

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