Grocery Dramatic Play Activities

This lesson plan has room for many variations of grocery dramatic play options in your classroom. A few of them might include:

Fruit market

Farmer's Market

Grocery Checkout



Receiving Department

By creating individual prop boxes for each theme, it is easy to change from one play theme to another. A prop box is developed by compiling a collection of related items to enable and encourage imaginative play.

To use your prop boxes appropriately, the teacher will introduce each item to the children in a group meeting in which they discuss how the items are related, how the items are to be used, and how to put the items away when their play is over. After you have introduced each themed box, the children can select the theme that they wish to play each day. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Fruit market

* Boxes or baskets* Plastic fruit* Cash register & play moneyGrocery store* Shelves* Empty food cans and boxes (clean and taped)* Plastic fruit and vegetables* Cash register & play money* Shopping cart or basket* Grocery sacks

Fruit orchard

* Hang plastic fruit from trees or bushes for the children to “pick”* Fruit baskets/bushel baskets

Family shopping day

* Paper and pencils* Shopping lists, recipes* Shelves * Play food* Empty food cans and boxes (clean and taped)* Grocery sacks

Chef’s kitchen

* Pots, pans, cooking utensils* Plastic foods* Chef hats, aprons* Recipe cards* Plates, silverware, etc.

Grocery checkout

* Clean, empty food boxes, cartons and cans (clean and taped for safety)* tote bags* cash register* play money*

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