Grocery science based activities are fun to include in the lesson plan.

The grocery science activities that I have included here focus primarily on fruits and vegetables, because that has been the focus that I have used for the other learning areas. You can, however, easily include more chemistry type of activities because many grocery items can be used in simple experiments. GROCERY SCIENCE ACTIVITIES

Sprout seeds*clear plastic bag * cotton ball soaked with water * some taped on the window in the sun* others in shade or on a shelf* for tasting sprouts, follow directions on following pages

Find seeds from various fruits/vegetables

* Discuss where the seeds might be found (inside or outside?)* Collect seeds and study them under a magnifier* Compare sizes, shapes, color* Chart discoveries about the seeds for each type of fruit/vegetable

Fruit/vegetable tasting

** Use a variety of the same type of fruit/vegetableFor Example: Apples* Gala* Granny Smith* Braeburn* Delicious* OthersFor Example: Peppers* Red bell* Orange bell* Yellow bell* Green bell* Jalapeno* Anaheim* Poblano* Be sure to have bread and milk available when tasting hot peppers

** Discuss similarities/differences* Stem, leaf, seeds, etc.* Shape, exterior color, interior color, texture, taste* Choose favorites** Chart discoveries

Make a salad (preferably from items you have grown, if possible)

Plant dissecting and chart parts of the plant

* Remove plant from soil (Perhaps a dandelion?)* Examine leaf structure and veins* Examine exterior texture of the stem * Examine flower bud and base of flower* How are leaves connected to the stem?* Examine how petals are attached* Examine root system** Is there one main root or many?** If there is a large or a single “tap root” cut it open to see how it carries nutrients and water to the stem* Cut into stem and examine how water and nutrients travel to leaves* Cut into a bud to see how the flower looks before it opens

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