Keeping my child engaged

by Jenny

Hey, I'm Jenny.

I'm a Mum of three in the UK. At the moment of writing this, I have a girl of 7, a boy of 3, and my baby girl of 9 months. Handful has to be said!

I'm looking for appropriate resources for my eldest two children. I'll tell you a bit about each of them...

Elizabeth, is 7, 8 in May. She's bright blonde hair, and a stunning figure. She will go far. She has a learning curve to deal with, in that she is dyslexic. She gets this from their Dad. She struggles endlessly at school, and although this has been confirmed, with special measures applied; life is never going to be easy for her. The older she gets the harder it is to find her motivation to do Homework, to
sit and read to me. I know dyslexia has different traits. Elizabeth finds it hard to 'break the cycle', and is very despondent if she cannot do something straight away. I'm looking for any tips or resources that will help her to achieve her homework...

Aidan is 3, 4 in March. He is a different kettle of fish. His nursery (he attends 5 mornings a week) assessment have already pitched him ready for school. He cannot go until September. He is a bright lad, that only usually needs telling once. He loves to learn. I do not believe him to have the dyslexic problems of Elizabeth, almost be more the other way; and may even qualify in the gifted and talented program. Time will tell. I don't want to teach him bad habits, but he needs more educational stimulation and I'm struggling to find the “right thing” to teach him...

I'd be grateful for any advice on both or either of my children. :-)

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